BLOG TOUR: The Black Hornet by Rob Sinclair

‘Jack is a complex character used to living in danger he expects to find it around every corner and often that is what he finds.  He is trying to live a normal life but it seems life has other ideas.’

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BlackHornet FINAL

Book Description:

What do you do when the love of your life vanishes without a trace? If you’re ex-intelligence agent James Ryker you search for the answers whatever the cost, however much blood and sacrifice it takes…

Six months ago Lisa was taken from Ryker, and he’ll stop at nothing to find out who is responsible and why. Following a trail to Mexico, the ex-Joint Intelligence Agency asset soon finds himself in the firing line of enemies he long thought he’d left behind. Set-up for the murder of a former informant, Ryker is thrown into a crumbling jail run by The Black Hornet, the notorious leader of a Mexican drug cartel. But what connects the cartel to the informant’s murder, and to Lisa’s disappearance? And just who is the mystery American claiming he can help Ryker in his hour of need?

The Black Hornet is the second book in the bestselling James Ryker series. Part Bourne, part Reacher, it’s an explosive and action-packed thriller to rival any other.

My Review

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

James Ryker is an ex JIT agent and he and his wife, Lisa, have ‘reinvented’ themselves in the hope of being able to live a relatively normal life away from the violence and danger of their past.

This is the 2nd book in the James Ryker series and picks up the story where The Red Cobra ended.  James arrives home to find his wife has gone missing all her belongings are still there but she isn’t.  Because of his past he has no friends or family and therefore sets off on his lone crusade to find out what happened to her.

His first stop is Mexico and he hasn’t finished his first coffee in this country before he is thrown in the middle of a  battle with the Mexican police in which the person he was hoping could have information about Lisa is killed.  He finds himself thrown in prison, accused of murder,  and into another battle with drug cartels and the violence that accompanies them.

Jack is a complex character used to living in danger he expects to find it around every corner and often that is what he finds.  He is trying to live a normal life but it seems life has other ideas.  He is the main character in the story.

This is a very gripping, fast paced story about life in a secret agency.  It is packed with action, violence and corruption and twists and turns. It really begs the question:  Can you ever truly escape that life?  Is it not the case that being part of a secret organisation means that you can never be allowed to live a life outside taking with you all the secrets and knowledge that the organisation leaders are prepared to kill to keep?

Another excellent book by Rob Sinclair.  Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the advance copy.

71wafQTypfL._UX250_Author Bio:

Rob is the author of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Enemy series of espionage thrillers featuring embattled agent Carl Logan, with over 250,000 copies sold to date. The Enemy series has received widespread critical acclaim with many reviewers and readers having likened Rob’s work to authors at the very top of the genre, including Lee Child and Vince Flynn.

​Rob’s fourth book, the pulsating psychological thriller Dark Fragments, released by Bloodhound Books in November 2016, has been described as ‘clever’ and ‘chilling’ and an ‘expertly crafted’ story, and became an Amazon UK top 50 bestseller soon after its release.

​Rob’s James Ryker series follows on from the Enemy books, with the first novel, The Red Cobra, being released in April 2017 and quickly becoming an Amazon bestseller in the UK, US and Canada. The second book in the series, The Black Hornet will be released June 12th.

​Rob began writing in 2009 following a promise to his wife, an avid reader, that he could pen a ‘can’t put down’ thriller. He worked for nearly 13 years for a global accounting firm after graduating from The University of Nottingham in 2002, specialising in forensic fraud investigations at both national and international levels. Rob now writes full time.

Originally from the North East of England, Rob has lived and worked in a number of fast paced cities, including New York, and is now settled in the West Midlands with his wife and young sons.


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BLOG TOUR: Care to Die by Tana Collins

‘The suspense starts from the very beginning and there are twists and turns all the way through.’

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Care to Die 1.1 .jpgBook Description:

Struggling with his demotion back to DI and his concern for the grieving DS Andrea Fletcher, Jim Carruthers is thrown in at the deep end when the body of an old man is discovered stabbed to death in a nature reserve- a ball of cloth rammed into the back of the victim’s throat. The only suspect is a fifteen-year-old neighbour who is known to the police for antisocial behaviour. But the teenager has an alibi.

When a second elderly man is also found dead at the same locale, with the same MO, Carruthers starts to wonder if they have a serial killer on their hands.

On discovering that the first victim, Ruiridh Fraser, has an estranged son living in Iceland, Carruthers flies out to interview the man, now convinced that the reason behind Fraser’s death lies in his past.

But what does the disappearance of a twelve year old boy forty years before, the brutal murder of a former journalist and a bitter local dispute about a nature reserve, have to do with the investigation?

Can Carruthers and Fletcher solve the case while battling their own demons?

And are they hunting for one killer or more?

My Review

My Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars

This is the 2nd book in the series, the first being Robbing the Dead.  We were introduced to Andie Fletcher and Jim Caruthers in book 1 and this book picks up where the 2 are picking up the pieces.  Jim was demoted to DI and Andie is recovering from a miscarriage and the failure of her relationship with Mark.  Both are a bit fragile but the criminals are not going to allow them an easy ride.

As the team struggles with the changed dynamics within the team an elderly man is found murdered on a nature reserve.  When a second OAP is found killed with a similar MO the team struggles to find the link.

We gain further insight into the characters as they are further developed into complex realistic individuals.  The suspense starts from the very beginning and there are twists and turns all the way through with the unsub remaining a mystery all the way through the book until the adrenaline pumping conclusion.

There are parts of the book that make for difficult reading  but overall it is a really fast paced read that will appeal to readers of thrillers and crime fiction.

There were parts of the book which I found a little too descriptive with too much focus on the weather and other unrelated topics and a few places where I found events a little far-fetched and unlikely to happen in a real world which lost it a couple of marks but I will definitely be reading further books by this author.

A big thank you to Bloodhound Books who provided me with an advance copy of this book

Author Bio

IMG_2241 copy copyTana Collins is an Edinburgh based crime writer and author of the best selling Jim Carruthers detective series, set in Fife. Her debut novel, Robbing the Dead, published 14th February 2017 by Bloodhound Books, was described as ‘A police procedural that delights the reader with its strong sense of place. Tartan Noir at its best,’ by crime writer  Sarah Ward. It was a top 10 kindle bestseller for Scottish Crime and Thrillers and has already racked up 60 reviews on Amazon.

Care to Die, which is the follow up in the series to Robbing the Dead, is being published on 1st June 2017.  Peter Robinson writes of it “A finely plotted mystery. Tana Collins racks up the suspense on this one. DI Jim Carruthers is a cop to watch.”

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