Thank you to all the wonderful Bloggers on the #blogtour for #thefourthfriend.  Your posts helped push this straight into the Amazon Bestsellers.

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The Quiet Geordie

‘I enjoyed the setting and pace of the novel. It had enough twists to keep me going, but not so many I was confused.’

Linda Strong Book Reviews

‘I have read several books by this author … and by far, this is the best ever. The premise is extraordinary …. and so well written. The characters are terrific, especially Carter.’

Turn the Page

‘This was a first from this author, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I found the characters interesting and the story flowed well. Would recommend this, and am looking to reading other novels from this author.’

Sweet Little Book

‘The very first chapter portrayed the horrifyingly intense scene surrounding the plane crash it grabs your immediate attention and doesn’t let go all the way through to the very last page the ingenious plotline intensifies as pages are rapidly turned. ‘

Short Book and Scribes

Guest Post: Questions that readers often ask

Donna’s Book Blog

‘This is another fantastic crime fiction story from Joy Ellis – as soon as I saw that this book was being released I knew it was one that I needed to read and I certainly wasn’t disappo’inted.’

Nicki’s Life of Crime

‘Opening with a exhilarating,breath taking epilogue and having a sad,heart breaking ending this is a well written police procedural that has a hint of the supernatural to it.’

Anne Bonny Book Reviews

Guest Post: Questions that readers ask me

Jen Med’s Book Reviews

‘The ending for me was a little bit sad but I can’t say why without giving it away so I guess you will have read it for yourselves.’

Black Books Blog

Guest Post: 10 things I want my readers to know about me: JOY ELLIS





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