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What their Authors’ are saying:

Helen Durrant

His Third Victim“My books would never have enjoyed the success they have without Joffe Books. They do an excellent job from start to finish. The editing, book covers, marketing and finally, the liberal sprinkling of ‘fairy dust’ Jasper sprinkles over the final product.” – Helen






Anne Penketh

Burning woman

I approached Joffe Books with my first crime novel after seeing them listed as a publisher on the Crime Writers’ Association, and my manuscript for Murder on the Marsh was accepted. Jasper explained about the publishing relationship with Amazon which raised questions for me about not being in bookshops. Jasper said: “do you want to sell books?” Of course I do, I said. I signed up and I’ve never looked back!

Joy Ellis

9781912106868There are some decisions that you make in life, that feel right from the word go. When Jasper Joffe rang me and we discussed the possibilities of working together, I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do. I trusted him, loved his undeniable passion and talent for publishing, and frankly wanted to work my socks off to make a success of things. The last year,( almost!) has been a roller-coaster, and Jasper and his staff have been there every step of the way, freely offering expertise and encouragement. I have struggled for the past seventeen years to find a place as a crime writer, and now, since becoming one of Jasper Joffe’s authors, I can quite honestly say, ad astra per ardua.  And a big Thank You, Jasper.


Ken Ogilvie

wooden boardwalk in dark forest

Joffe’s and Jill’s promotional efforts certainly helped to get a lot of book reviews, which have been very positive and encouraging for a new writer. Joffe Books has been a great publisher to work with, both on the editorial side and in terms of Jasper Joffe’s quick and valuable personal responses to questions that I’ve had. I look forward to a productive relationship with the company while my first book penetrates the market, and as I work on the second book.

Charlie Gallagher

Missing coverI wrote three books over a period of five years and made numerous approaches to literary agents. I lost count of the rejections and then gave up as I realised it was actually damaging my writing. I would get a rejection and it would hit so hard that I would stop writing, sometimes for months on end. But I would always come back to it. I knew I loved it and I decided to go down the self-publishing route. I was just a few months into this when I received a call from Joffe Books who had gotten hold of my third book by nothing more than a fluke.

I met with Jasper Joffe personally. The benefit of being UK based and forty minutes from London. My message was very clear – I just want to be read and I want to get better. Jasper and Joffe Books as a whole really clicked into this and our working relationship has been excellent from the off. Together we totally revised the three books and they are now the first three books of the Langthorne Series. I would only ever work with someone who is as passionate about my work as I am. I think this is a real rarity, but I have found it with Joffe. My day job is shift work, it’s not unusual for me to email Joffe late at night or even the early hours with updates, edits or questions. And it’s not unusual either for Joffe to reply straight away! I look forward to continuing to work with Joffe.

Michael Hambling

I’ve found Joffe Books to be very supportive of my writing. The advice
on editing has been great, and the company has reacted positively to any concerns I’ve had about their decisions. I’ve had absolutely no regrets about signing up with them; they are a very forward looking
organisation, responsive to both the market and to the needs of their
authors. Jasper Joffe is a very sincere person who wants to best for his
authors. I didn’t hesitate when it came to re-signing my contract




 Gretta Mulrooney

windmill final

I started writing crime novels after publishing literary fiction. I submitted a manuscript to Joffe Books and had a quick and straightforward response from Jasper. I have now had three crime fiction novels published by Joffe Books featuring private investigator Tyrone Swift, with the fourth, Watching You, due out now. Joffe Books has also re published three of my literary fiction novels. I find Jasper and his colleagues highly supportive, encouraging, responsive and friendly. Communication is easy and direct and I have been consulted at every stage about editing and book covers. They have worked with me on manuscripts to tighten plot, increase the pace of a novel and to iron out glitches. Jasper is also patient and helpful when I need his IT skills. I get regular feedback about sales and response to my books. I know that Joffe Books is growing and it deserves every success as a publishing house.

Stewart Giles

The Beekeeper Final

When I was contacted by Joffe Books earlier in the year, I had mixed emotions. After spending years talking to agents and publishers to no avail I was now the one being approached. I was delighted. On the other hand, I’d had dealings before with what I call ‘The dark side’ of the publishing world – not mentioning any names – and in the past the initial bubble of elation had always been burst when I realised the sole intention of this ‘dark side’ was to exploit the dreams of writers. Joffe Books immediately restored my faith in the industry. Luckily, I had the finished manuscript of ‘The Beekeeper’ and I promptly sent it off, soon to learn that it was far from finished. Roughly two months later, we had a finished book we could be proud of. Working with Jasper and his team at Joffe Books has taught me so much in such a short space of time. Their patience and tolerance of my rather out-of-date tech skills, as well as their aftermarket support has been unbelievable. I’m proud to be associated with such an amazing publishing house and I would recommend them to anyone with a book they want the world to read.



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