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Thank you to Sarah Hardy and Bloodhound Books for inviting me on the Blog Tour for this 1st book in the Dan Reno series.

‘This is a very intriguing story that involves drugs, prostitution and corruption at dangerous levels’

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Stateline_previewStateline by Dave Stanton

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Cancel the wedding. The groom is dead.

When a tycoon’s son is murdered the night before his wedding, the grief-stricken father offers private detective Dan Reno a life-changing bounty to find the killer.

Reno, who is nearly broke, decides he’s finally found himself in the right place at the right time. But when a band of crooked cops get involved, Reno finds himself fighting for his life.

Who committed the murder, and why? Which cops can he trust, if any?

Haunted by his murdered father and a violent past, Reno wants no more blood on his hands. But a man’s got to make a living, and backing off is not in his DNA.

Traversing the snowy alpine winter in the Sierras and the lonely deserts of Nevada, Reno must revert to his old ways to survive. Because the bounty won’t do him much good if he’s dead.

My Review

I always like to dip my toes in the water with new authors but it is always a bit of a gamble if I will love or hate.  Luckily Bloodhound authors are usually in the ‘love’ category and Dave Stanton is no exception.

The book does take a while to get going as we learn about the characters and their history but from about 30% it does start to pick up speed and this increases steadily towards a fast paced roller coaster of an ending.  I can’t wait to read the next in this series.

Meet Dan Reno, PI who dips his toes in the water as a bounty hunter when the groom, son of a rich man, at a wedding is brutally murdered the day before the ceremony and Dan Reno is tasked with finding his murderer before the police do.  The reward is more money than Dan has ever seen.

The journey to find the killer is a rocky one that sees Dan and Cody escaping with their lives by a sheer stroke of luck on more than one occasion.  Who is trying to eliminate them and why?

This is a very intriguing story that involves drugs, prostitution and corruption at dangerous levels the character building takes place at the beginning of the book so we get to know the complex characters before we really get into the story.  There is a slightly humorous vein running through the story that offsets the darkness perfectly.

Well worth the 5 stars.  I am looking forward to more from this author.

Dave+StantonAuthor Bio:

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1960, Dave Stanton moved to Northern California in 1961. He attended San Jose State University and received a BA in journalism in 1983. Over the years, he worked as a bartender, newspaper advertising salesman, furniture mover, debt collector, and technology salesman. He has two children, Austin and Haley, and lives with his wife, Heidi, in San Jose, California.

Stanton is the author of six novels, all featuring private investigator Dan Reno and his ex-cop buddy, Cody Gibbons.


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