THEN SHE RAN by Charlie Gallagher

This review is my personal, honest, unbiased opinion but I do work with Joffe Books and received an advance copy of this book so if you prefer not to read on that is fine.

George Elms is back with a bang. The book starts with a couple running away from an armed gang. Joseph knows who is chasing them but Jenny doesn’t have a clue what she has got caught up in. Add in the mix a 4 month old baby and we know we are in for an emotional, action packed ride through another case in the life of George Elms.

I didn’t expect to be disappointed and I wasn’t. I love George even more with every book I read. I do need to read books 1-3 in the Langthorne series so I was missing some of the background to the breakup of his marriage. This story lets us see a more emotional side to George as he struggles with his wife moving on and his daughter coming back into his life.

Jenny is married to Joseph but doesn’t know what she has got involved in. Suddenly they are on the run with their 4 month old daughter being chased by a gang with guns happily shooting anyone who gets in the way. What has this got to do with a robbery gone wrong leaving an old lady dead in the kitchen and her husband of 62 years devastated.

Charlie Gallagher has an absolutely perfect way of creating characters that are unique and complex. With Jenny he has managed to get across a young mother’s determination to survive against all the odds. I witnessed this in RUTHLESS and again he has excelled himself and managed to get that determination and will to live into the character with a skill I have never seen from any other author.

This is a fast moving read with plenty of action. The characters develop well. I thought I had the measure of George from the previous books but I saw a new side to him in this book. Emily Ryker is another old favourite the two make a formidable team and she also develops even more. The new characters are all realistic and believable. All in all I LOVE this book it was a riveting read from the very first page right through to the absolute shocker of an ending that I, certainly, didn’t see coming.

Charlie Gallagher just gets better and better. Complex characters, adrenaline pumping suspense and an emotional element that had me in tears. Absolutely brilliant Charlie – keep them coming.

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THEN SHE RAN by Charlie Gallagher

Discover a gripping crime thriller which will have you gripped from the explosive beginning to one of the most surprising endings of the year.

On a lazy Sunday morning Jenny Harris is shaken awake by her panic-stricken boyfriend, Joseph. Their baby daughter lies asleep on her chest. ‘We’ve got to go!’ Joseph screams.

In their hotel room, Jenny hurriedly wraps her tiny baby up. All their belongings are left behind. There’s no time. Joseph’s panic is contagious.

Jenny sprints with her family from the hotel. And it’s clear that they are being chased. Their pursuers are indiscriminate and they are deadly. Her boyfriend falls, caught up in the carnage, but he manages to give her one last message: RUN!’

Detective George Elms is investigating a separate crime: an elderly woman shot in the stomach during a robbery gone wrong. She is left for her dead in her country kitchen where she stood firm against violent thieves.

What’s the link between the two incidents? And who will do anything to silence Jenny forever?

George’s only option is to make ground on both cases. And he must move fast. Because everyone is in deadly danger and time is running out.

Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Damien Boyd, Rachel Abbott, Patricia Gibney or Mark Billingham.

Charlie Gallagher has been a serving UK police officer for ten years. During that time he has had many roles, starting as a front-line response officer, then a member of a specialist tactical team and is currently a detective investigating serious offences.

Book 4: END GAME


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