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Reading has always been a source of great pleasure to me. Many years ago I would swap books with Mum who loved Historical Fiction. I have read mainly Crime Fiction for the last 5 years but I have been feeling disillusioned with life so thought I would treat myself by reading something completely different. This book sparked my interest when it was first released so seemed a good choice and I wasn’t disappointed.

The story is set in 1898 and begins with the birth of an illegitimate child. At that time life was hard and living hand to mouth in cramped conditions was the norm. Edith already had 4 year old Dàniel and unmarried mothers in that era were treated badly but not usually as badly as Edith. Deprived of food and love and being used as free slave labour was a sad life and her small children were treated the same.

The story follows this little family in their struggle to improve their lives as events cause changes to be made but it will be many years before it becomes easier.

Edith has never been loved but bestows on her children all the love it is possible to give and they give that love back in return as the 3 support each other through the abuse regularly dished out by Edith’s parents. Neighbours are aware what is going on but do nothing to help.

The characters develop well through the course of the book and the author describes the scene perfectly so I was able to visualise the scene and the people but not so much that it slowed the story.

I loved the pace of the book it moves along at a moderate pace as we learn the background to the characters. It poses a question that has always interested me: is evil in your genes or is it caused by abuse? Martha is a very interesting character and brings to the story intrigue and suspense. Daniel is very intelligent even though he had a bad start in life I love the way he uses his exceptional brain to manipulate others to follow his lead. He is a very thoughtful, caring character who contrasts perfectly to Martha.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I am SO pleased I treated myself to this totally gripping story. I am looking forward to reading the sequel and I will certainly be reading the other books by this author.

A well deserved 5 stars from me.

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Edith Coleman gave birth to her illegitimate son just before Queen Victoria died. Her parents think she should count herself lucky to be allowed to remain in the family home but Edith doesn’t think that being treated as a slave counts as good luck, especially as she is regularly beaten and starved while being forced to work in the family laundry. But times change and her parents come to realise that their slave labour won’t be free for ever.

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I only went to school to learn to read. At age 6, I decided I COULD read and promptly left, by the school gate, the same gate which my mother marched me back through 10 minutes later. So I had to spend the next 12 years at school, learning lots of different things, none of which lived up to the excitement of reading. Wanting to be a writer was a natural progression, because there is nothing as exciting as inventing the story yourself. But it’s taken over 50 years before I dared to present my stories for other people to read. So, here they are! I’ll just creep behind the sofa.

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