BLOG TOURS – What are they?

I thought today, as a change from the norm, I would create a post about Blog Tours.

I am often asked by people: What is a Blog Tour? So I thought it would be something that would be useful.

Blog Tours – what are they?

Before the digital books became the norm’ anAuthor would often do a Book Tour.  They would travel around visiting Book Shops and do book signings and other promotions.  Some still do this for Paperback and Hardback books.

A Blog Tour is the virtual equivalent.  People who have Blogs or websites will contact a Blog Tour organiser (like me) and express an interest in joining tours.

Bloggers who are hosting a review stop will receive a copy of the book in digital format.  This is usually kindle but other formats are often available.  It is, often,not possible to provide paperbacks due to the cost but some organisers do provide paperbacks so it is always worth asking.

Blog Tours are a very effective way of getting a book noticed.  The Blog Tour host will post and share the Blog in as many places as possible and all their friends on Social Media will also share.  Many readers look for book suggestions on Social Media and all the sharing gets the book noticed by a wide range of people which has a positive impact on sales.


Bloggers who are interested in joining Blog Tours

If you have a Blog and would like to join Blog Tours or need more information there are several Blog Tour organisers.  I work mainly with small publishers and self-published authors but I am able to put you in touch with other organisers if you contact me (details below)

Authors and Publishers who are interested in having a Blog Tour organised for a new release or to boost a book that is currently available more information is available  here


Books n All Book Promotions Blog Tours

If you are interested in joining my list of bloggers please read the notes below and if you are still interested you may sign up via this form: Blogger sign up form

  • I only provide ebooks so if you are unable to read ebooks, unfortunately, I will be unable to accommodate you.
  • Due to the need to maintain the integrity of reviews I am unable to offer payment of any sort in return for hosting a Blog Tour review or guest post.

When a book of a relevant genre is received we contact the bloggers with the synopsis of the book and the dates of the Blog Tour (mine are usually 10 days) the blogger will then respond with yes or no (or not respond in which case we assume no) and the date that they prefer.  The organiser will then confirm that is okay or ask if an alternative date is possible if that date is taken.

The advance notice of the tours varies.  A lot of mine are short notice, maybe 10-14 days but some are longer, it depends on the publisher or author.  The advance copy of the book (ARC) will be sent out as soon as I receive it.  About 5-7 days before the start of the tour I will send out the Blog Tour Media Pack by email.  This will have the book description, Author Bio, links to websites and social media profiles, Author photo, book cover and Blog Tour Banner.

How you create your post is up to you, it is your blog.  There are many examples of who I create my Blog Tour posts but as mentioned how you do yours is entirely up to you I will provide everything that may be needed and you can use whatever you need.

I hope that this is useful if you need more information or I can help in any way, please contact me, my details are below:

Twitter:       @books_n_all

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