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27393332_385530311907013_1842344660_oDEADLY FRIEND by K D Bloodworth

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Following the horrific events in MRPERFECT.COM, Dawn thought she would never escape the demons that had haunted her every waking moment. But months of therapy finally freed her from the memories, allowing her and John to start their lives afresh with a new home in a new town. Slowly making new friends and gaining the confidence to take a part-time bar job, life was better than it had been for a long time.

Then, the past Dawn had tried so hard to forget caught up with her.

Awaking to her worst nightmare, beaten, bound and bloody, Dawn dared not move, fearing she would wake the monster in the room.

The man sleeping in the chair looked like her friend. Something was horribly wrong.

Chapter 1

I watched as John packed his overnight bag.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?”

I nodded. “Jake and I will be fine—promise.”

There comes a time in your life when you think; things are finally working out. It had been almost three years since my ordeal in Montana. Through John’s love, understanding, and a lot of therapy, I’d almost overcome dying at the hands of a serial killer. The crazy man that had raped and tried to kill me didn’t fare as well—a grizzly bear ate him. Still, it took all that time to get over the fear that often ran through me.

The feeling that someone was watching me never completely went away. Sometimes I would make it through the entire day before it crept back into my brain. The way the sun set through the pine trees that grew on the edge of the fields or a particular smell on the air would set my danger sensor off. I knew, of course, that Jake, our faithful black lab who was always by my side, would never allow anyone to harm me.

Jake had stayed with me during my struggle to survive in the backcountry of Montana. After my rescue, I promised to take care of him. In return, the second anyone turned into our driveway; Jake would sound the alarm before the motion sensors even had the chance to beep.

John would call before he turned into the driveway, so I wasn’t freaked out. It had taken almost a full year before I could finally tell him he didn’t need to call to give me prior warning. That didn’t mean, however, that when the alarm sounded, I wasn’t on high alert, anxious to see who was coming down the driveway. But there was a shotgun in the corner by the front door, and three pistols dotted throughout the place—in a drawer by the back door in the mudroom, in my nightstand and in my makeup drawer in the master bathroom.

I no longer needed therapy sessions. John and the family disagreed with me, but they weren’t the ones that had to drag it all up once a week. I was way past talking about what had happened. It was time I got on with my life.

Today would be the real test. John needed to travel back to Richmond for a job interview.

“I could leave in the middle of the night if you’d prefer?” he suggested.

“No, that’s silly. If you go tonight, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep and arrive rested for the interview.”

“I’m afraid you’ll take a backward step if you have to spend the entire night alone.”

“I’m more than capable. After all, I won’t really be alone. Jake will be with me, as well as my guns. I’ll be in good company. If anyone dares to mess with me, I won’t hesitate to use them.”

I knew he worried about my state of mind and, to be honest, who could blame him? It had been a long struggle for me, far more than I’d ever let on.

Before he left, we checked the locks on the doors and windows and made sure the car had plenty of gas. He also checked to see that my cell phone was fully charged.

Jake followed us through several trips around the house, watching our every move. He watched John put his bag and his briefcase in the truck, wagging his tail in anticipation of going for a ride.

John patted him on the head. “Sorry Jake, you need to stay here and take care of Mom and the house.”

“John, you’re making me nervous! I’m going to be fine. It’s time! Really, it’s time.” I smiled as I reached for him, stepping into his arms. I gave him a reassuring hug.

“Are you absolutely sure?” he whispered.

“I’ll be fine. In fact, when you get back, I think we should take a vacation.”

He pulled away from me, looking into my eyes as if I’d told him I had just won the lottery. “Really?”

“Yes. I want to go to Yellowstone.” Probably the last place on earth John would expect I’d want to go. Granted it was Montana, but only partially. Yellowstone was a long way from Great Falls and the Sun Canyon. I needed to do this. Now I just had to convince him.

“Yellowstone? Why there?” I could see the confusion in his eyes.

“I think a trip there will be my final therapy session. This is my idea, not Doctor Reynolds.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it. We’ll talk about it when I get back tomorrow night.”

Jake and I walked him out to his truck, and I kissed him good-bye. Moments later, we watched as he pulled down the driveway.

I took a deep breath and looked around the open area where our house sat. Everything was silent except for my frantically beating heart. I can do this! I will do this!

Author PhotoAUTHOR BIO

I lived in three different states before I started school, but then lived in the same house with my parents until I was nineteen. The wander lust took over and since then I have lived in nine different states and have lost count of how many different addresses I have owned.

Other than my family and dog, I have two other loves in life, photography and writing. The writing came to me later in life when I decided I could write some good fiction based on real life experiences. Truthfully, many of the things I have done most people would think I was making that stuff up. So, I started changing names and some places, adding a bit of spice, and my writing career began.

People often ask me if something in the story happened to me and all I can do is smile. Some secrets are best well kept.


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