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Ginger Book Geek

I knew that this book was going to be funny by the time I got to the bottom of the first page.  I did find that I chuckled away to myself at certain things that Ruby ended up doing.  She means well but things have a habit of going wrong and she does get herself into some scrapes.  I soon became hooked on reading ‘Almost An Author’ and I didn’t want to put it down.   Read more here

On The Shelf Reviews 

Guest Post – About The Character:

By the Letter Book Reviews

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Black Books Blog 

I really got into this book quite quickly and it was a very easy book to read as the main character, Ruby, is a friendly person with many likable qualities about her and the way she falls for the publisher’s lies makes her even more believable.  Read more here

Joanna Larum’s Reviews 

Any aspiring author will fully understand Ruby’s dreams and her fear of failure. I read Ruby’s tale with my fingers crossed that she would, eventually, find a publisher who would fulfil her dreams. A very enjoyable tale.  Read more here

The Bookworm Drinketh 

Ruby may get a little annoying at times with her whining, and her unwillingness to learn or do anything on her own, but her relationship with her flatmate, Hunter, was really cute and her struggles with writing and her problem solving abilities (like getting a dog that nobody wants or needs for her flatmate to make up for pissing him off) make for quite a funny tale.  Read more here


I was kinda angry with Ruby when I first started reading this book. I mean come on, who believes this stuff? But in hindsight I think that I am so used of reading about intelligent, independent and seasoned in life women characters, this took me by surprise. I was then able to use my empathetic mechanism and try to see the world from Ruby’s eyes.  Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews

It’s a sometimes sad and sometimes funny look at the publishing business through Ruby’s eyes. I laughed out loud at most of her shenanigans and wanted to cry at others.   Read more here  

A Bookaholic’s Utopia

Almost an Author by Susan Tarr 

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When a chance meeting with a local publisher outside a small bookshop results in all three of her manuscripts being signed, Ruby Wright thinks she has it made. Already she sees images of herself wearing dark glasses, being mobbed by fans clamouring for her latest blockbuster… Little does Ruby know, but her ditsy publisher is a charlatan who has no more idea about publishing than Ruby does. Pretty soon Ruby is broke. She has no IT experience so depends heavily on her nerdy flatmate, Hunter, whenever her computer fails her. He has enough of his own issues to deal with—he is studying for his final law exams. She bribes him with a dog she found on the side of the road, then Panforte, which chips his tooth, and a couple of Axolotls until he finally gives in and helps her. But Ruby’s life is filled with disaster… What follows is excitement, disappointment, heartache, love and loss as we follow Ruby’s hilarious struggles to maintain her trust and focus in the ever-shifting publishing industry and in people in general.

My Review

Ruby is an author trying to make her way in the minefield that is publishing. She meets up with Barbara by chance outside a bookshop. I haven’t decided if Barbara is a wannabe agent or a con woman out to rip off struggling authors. Either way what follows is a rocky road of twists and turns, laughter and tears. Ruby is a likeable character although very scatty and her life is a car crash as she pings from one thing to another to try to make ends meet while still finding time to write. She rents a room to Hunter to help with the bills. Hunter is very nerdy and unreliable and tends to go AWOL with no notice. During one of Hunter’s absenses Ruby moves next door to James. Enter another weirdo to make up the threesome (oops I forgot the strange dog that fell off the back of a lorry). This is an amusing book that keeps the reader turning the pages. It is marketed as romantic comedy but if you are looking for steamy sex scenes and lovey dovey you will be disappointed. This is more loving friendship and learning to live with each others quirky behaviour. A really good read to cuddle up in bed with



Author Bio

 Susan Tarr has been writing for 25 years, drawing on her international travels, work within the NZ tourism industry, and her work in various psychiatric hospitals within New Zealand. She lived in Kenya, East Africa, for some years where she began her family. Although she writes from personal experience, she also uses anecdotal information from conversations and other peoples’ stories, resulting in her characters taking on a life of their own and becoming larger than life. She enjoys a wide variety of personalities. Susan says, “As I write their stories, my characters will often lead me to places I couldn’t imagine. So I relax and let them form as they will. I am passionate about my writing and I usually have three books on the go at any one time.”

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