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Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for Murder for Money. This is book 4 in the Inspector Crow series by Roy Lewis and I would like to share with you my thoughts on the book.

MURDER FOR MONEY (Inspector Crow #4)

Available from AMAZON

Discover Inspector Crow of Scotland Yard. Enjoy a beautifully told story from a time before smart phones and DNA testing. Full of twists and turns, this will have you gripped from start to finish.

Charlie Rutland, a womanising journalist, is found brutally murdered. He worked for a muck-raking gossip magazine and therefore had many enemies.

Detective Crow is assigned to Yorkshire where he must eliminate a long list of suspects.

And where does the German businessman Conrad Gunther fit in? Mysterious lights at Lockyer Tarn, a homeless man hiding out on the Yorkshire Dales, a stolen Volvo and a former Gestapo officer are all seemingly linked in some manner.

And then the British spy services get involved . . . Will Crow have his investigation shut down before he can catch the murderer.

My Review

Firstly, thank you to Joffe Books for the advance copy of this book.  This is my unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you like a good old fashioned murder mystery this is definitely for you.  This is book 4 of a series that is being republished by Joffe Books and is not only set in the 1960’s but was written at that time so you need to bear that in mind while reading as things have changed a lot since that time.

A man pays for sex but treats the woman badly which has her partner seeking revenge.  He is found dead but what looks, at first like a simple case of assault turns out to be anything but and Inspector Crow has his work cut out finding clues and following leads.

This is a complex story with many tangled threads and surprising twists as Crow tries to work out what is being covered up.

It is a steadily moving book with enough to keep the reader’s interest.

Roy Lewis Author Bio

Roy Lewis is a well-established crime writer with 60 novels to his name. He lives in the north of England where he sets many of his books. He is a former college principal and Inspector of Schools who now runs business training programmes and has business interests in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. He has three children – all of them lawyers.


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