BLOG TOUR WRAP UP – Murder for Money (Inspector Crow #4) by Roy Lewis

Roy, Joffe Books and I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all the amazing #bloggers who helped with the #Blogtour for MURDER FOR MONEY by Roy Lewis. Your help at such a hectic time of year is much appreciated xx

Ginger Book Geek
In my opinion ‘Murder For Money’ is very well written. The author’s writing style is such that you can’t fail to be drawn into the story and once he has you in his grip, then he doesn’t let you go. In other words, this book has plenty to keep your attention all the way through. Read more here

Joanna Larum’s Reviews
I’m working my way through these republished books by Roy Lewis and I have to say that he is growing on me with each book. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the descriptions of the Yorkshire landscapes are spot on, making this northerner very happy. Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews
There are twists wrapped around twists and turns that keep the reader going in circles. This is a well-written suspenseful page turner that will keep you not only engaged, but riveted to the story. Read more here

Herding Cats
I completely adore the writing style of Roy Lewis. His plots are intricate and brilliantly put together and yet told simply and straight forward, no complicated sub-stories or lengthy character descriptions – just pure and brilliant crime story telling. Read more here

Rachel Read It
With enough twists and turns to satisfy the most keen crime fan, I would urge any reader who likes a regional whodunnit to check out Roy Lewis back catalogue. This book is available free as part of Kindle Unlimited on Amazon at the moment-up to 10 books can be ‘borrowed’ at a time with a month free trial option! Read more here

Black Books Blog
Overall there were enough red herrings and twists to keep me entertained and guessing who the murderer(s) were until the very end. Read more here

MURDER FOR MONEY (Inspector Crow #4)

Available from AMAZON

Discover Inspector Crow of Scotland Yard. Enjoy a beautifully told story from a time before smart phones and DNA testing. Full of twists and turns, this will have you gripped from start to finish.

Charlie Rutland, a womanising journalist, is found brutally murdered. He worked for a muck-raking gossip magazine and therefore had many enemies.

Detective Crow is assigned to Yorkshire where he must eliminate a long list of suspects.

And where does the German businessman Conrad Gunther fit in? Mysterious lights at Lockyer Tarn, a homeless man hiding out on the Yorkshire Dales, a stolen Volvo and a former Gestapo officer are all seemingly linked in some manner.

And then the British spy services get involved . . . Will Crow have his investigation shut down before he can catch the murderer.

My Review

Firstly, thank you to Joffe Books for the advance copy of this book.  This is my unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you like a good old fashioned murder mystery this is definitely for you.  This is book 4 of a series that is being republished by Joffe Books and is not only set in the 1960’s but was written at that time so you need to bear that in mind while reading as things have changed a lot since that time.

A man pays for sex but treats the woman badly which has her partner seeking revenge.  He is found dead but what looks, at first like a simple case of assault turns out to be anything but and Inspector Crow has his work cut out finding clues and following leads.

This is a complex story with many tangled threads and surprising twists as Crow tries to work out what is being covered up.

It is a steadily moving book with enough to keep the reader’s interest.

Roy Lewis Author Bio

Roy Lewis is a well-established crime writer with 60 novels to his name. He lives in the north of England where he sets many of his books. He is a former college principal and Inspector of Schools who now runs business training programmes and has business interests in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. He has three children – all of them lawyers.


ADVENT BOOK BLOG Feb-2018 (2) – Ruthless @gloriouscharlie @joffebooks #crimefiction

Today it is the turn of Ruthless by Charlie Gallagher on my ADVENT BOOK BLOG. This is a brilliant stand-alone story with a young female lead which makes it uniquely different. I loved this one.


Available from: Amazon UK    Amazon US    Amazon Australia    Amazon Canada

What would you do to survive in a world of ruthless criminals and drug dealers? Decide for yourself in this gripping and gritty thriller. Written by a best-selling serving police detective.

This is Rhiannon’s story. She thinks she’s a good person but to stay alive in a very violent world she will be tested to the limit.

Will Dryden wakes to discover his girlfriend Janey is dead from an overdose. Without his friend and partner in crime, he has nothing left to lose.

Meanwhile, police are called to the scene of a car accident – date night gone tragically wrong for Melissa Cooper – and left to break the news to Mel’s teenage niece, Rhiannon. For Rhiannon, it’s a devastating loss. Now she’s on her own.

Will and Rhiannon’s paths cross. Rhiannon gets sucked into the world of the drug dealers and falls into the sights of Aaron – the gang leader. He has a point to prove and is unhappy that he isn’t getting the respect he wants. Aaron takes brutal revenge when the police start to close in on him.

Can Rhiannon stay alive and save herself and Will from the murderous Aaron? Who is ruthless enough to survive?

This pulsating crime thriller takes you on an adrenaline-packed ride with a shocking end.

Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Damien Boyd, Rachel Abbott, Patricia Gibney or Mark Billingham.

Charlie Gallagher has been a serving UK police officer for ten years. During that time he has had many roles, starting as a front-line response officer, then a member of a specialist tactical team and is currently a detective investigating serious offences.


Book 4: END GAME

My Review

I am a big fan of Charlie Gallagher and was looking forward to reading this stand-alone book.  I wasn’t disappointed and I have to say this book is very unique.  The story revolves around a 16 year old girl who has already dealt with a load of back luck and other problems that fate has thrown at her.   She is living with an Aunt, after escaping her alcoholic mother, when her aunt is killed in an RTA.  Alone again she is under the care of Social Services so she is perfectly safe right?

I absolutely love Rhiannon’s character.  She is a very believable character that builds depth throughout the book.  Instead of folding under all the misfortune that comes her way this feisty kid refuses to be cowed and determined to do the right thing she picks herself up dusts down and prepares to take down a drug ring.  A massive challenge for an adult but for a 16 year old you would think it is near on impossible.  Meet Rhiannon – 16 going on 36 brilliance personified.

Charlie has created a 16 year old that is exactly what a 16year old is from the language and actions to reactions.  He has perfectly found how to describe the mannerisms and personality I would expect of a girl that age who has seen far too much of the reality of alcohol addiction.

She becomes entangled in the lives of Drug dealers who are trying to take over the village where she is temporarily homed.  She is determined to save the alcoholic William and he in turn tries to save her they form a friendship but if Rhi is to save William she has a massive job on her hands without the help of the Drug dealers who think he shopped them to the police.

It is a fast paced thriller that keeps the pages turning as we are taken on a roller coaster ride with twists and turns a many and I didn’t have a clue how it was going to turn out.  If I thought it was fast paced at the beginning from about 75% the pace picks up and the adrenaline pumps as we are treated to a mind blowing conclusion you will not forsee.

One of the best books I have read this year and is definitely on my ‘Picks of 2018’ list.  Definitely worth the 5 stars and more.


Charlie Gallagher has been a serving UK police officer for ten years. During that time he has had many roles, starting as a front-line response officer, then a member of a specialist tactical team and is currently a detective investigating serious offences.

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Tomorrow it will be the turn of Low Lake by Gretta Mulrooney

BLOG TOUR – Lavender Dreams (Life After Us #2) by Rebekah Dodson #dystopian @junctionpublish

Today I am opening the Blog Tour for LAVENDER DREAMS.  This is book 2 in the Life After Us series by Rebekah Dodson.  Book 1, Poppy Bloom, ended on a cliff-hanger so I am opening the tour with the final few paragraphs from that book in preparation for reading Lavender Dreams.


Poppy Bloom – extract:

The man was peering into the forest, looking everywhere and anywhere all at once with his piercing eyes. Behind him, two soldiers had their guns pointed into the backs of Lucy and Spencer. They had their hands up.

Vicki’s hands flew to cover her mouth—the gun was swirling with blinding electrical light. The same light Danielle had talked about, the vaporizing kind. She started to walk forward, but Ambrose snatched her around the waist. “Don’t you dare!” He hissed in her ear. “You can’t save them!”

Vicki shook her head, but she couldn’t fight him off. She watched in silent horror. Lucy was openly weeping, the sound of her crying drowning out the soldiers blindly crashing through the woods in every direction. Vicki could barely make out what she was saying: “Spencer, how could you? How could you report them?”

To their right, another soldier went down, with a hefty cry of pain splitting the air, momentarily drowning out Lucy’s cries and Vicki lost whatever else Lucy was screaming.

She stared up at Ambrose with eyes wide. I can’t let them die!

Ambrose gripped her tighter and shook his head. She knew what he was saying: there’s nothing you can do.

“No?” The tall man in the beret shouted into the forest. “You’ll let them die? Oh, well. My soldiers will find you anyway; it’s only a matter of time.”

He waved his hand and stalked behind the soldiers, out of Vicki’s view.

Both soldiers pulled the trigger at the same time, and the energy shot from their weapons. Vicki watched in horror as the kind couple who’d taken them in, saved Ambrose’s life, and shared many meals with them, light up like an artificial X-ray machine. Their bodies filled with blinding light, and then with a dazzling spark, they were gone. A tendril of gray smoke rose from a pile of ashes in the ground.

Vicki cried out.

Ambrose clamped his hand down over her mouth, silencing her. “Now you’ve done it,” he said, his voice shaking with terror.

Two soldiers called out to each other and headed their way, fast.

Ambrose glanced behind them and spun her around to face him. “Vicki, we have to jump.”

“The creek’s too shallow. It’ll kill us!”

“Would you rather stay here and be vaporized?”

Vicki shook her head.

“Before we jump, I just need to do one thing.”

“Seriously?” The crashing behind her grew even louder. “What could be so important…”

He pulled her face to his and smashed his lips against hers, quickly and smoothly.

She didn’t even have time to think, or to embrace it. It just happened. And for a fleeting moment, she didn’t want it to end. But it was over in a flash, and as soon as he pulled away, he gently pushed her into the rushing waters below. Shortly behind her, Ambrose plunged into the icy water.

~To Be Continued ~


Lavender Dreams (Life after us #2) 

Available from AMAZON

On the run from invading forces, Vicki escapes into the woods with Ambrose. After his truck is stolen, she has to make a choice: accept her fiance, Will, is dead, or keep searching — possibly in vain. Can she learn to love Ambrose as she loved Will?

Khaki. That’s what everyone thinks of him, but Vicki knows the truth, and after that kiss, Ambrose yearns for more. He wants Vicki to forget about her fiance and accept the fact he is dead. They saw him being dragged off in handcuffs before the explosion!

But, what if he’s not dead?

What if he made it out alive?

When Vicki is kidnapped by terrorists, Ambrose fights to find the woman he loves. Yet their lavender dream promises of serenity may never come.

About Rebekah Dodson

Rebekah Dodson is a prolific word weaver of romance, fantasy, and science fiction novels. Her works include the series Postcards from Paris, The Surrogate, The Curse of Lanval series, several stand alone novels, and her upcoming YA novel, Clock City. She has been writing her whole life, with her first published work of historical fiction with 4H Clubs of America at the age of 12, and poetry at the age of 16 with the National Poetry Society. With an extensive academic background including education, history, psychology and English, she currently works as a college professor by day and a writer by night.



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