As the year draws to a close it is time to reflect.

At the beginning of 2018 I had hopes and dreams. Dad was recovering from his hip operation, I was working out my notice at my day job and about to start a new career focussing on books that would enable me to work virtually and thereby spend more time with Dad. A big part of that was a contract with Bloodhound Books as Operations Executive. Oh yes, I had life all planned out.

Unfortunately, fate had other ideas and it became clear by the end of January that despite all the effort it wasn’t to be. Dad passed away, unexpectedly, on 2nd February (the 7th anniversary of Mum’s death). Devastated didnt even start to explain it but unfortunately it coincided with a lot of blogger abuse that was prevalent on Social Media at that time. A Facebook glich resulted in Bloodhound terminating my contract and my life was shattered.

But where there is hate there is also a lot of love and I would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who supported me in the darkest time of my life. In particular the CRAZIES you know who you are and love each and every one of you. Junction Publishing & Joffe Books for trusting in me and my awesome friend Stewart Giles: we both lost our Dad’s and we both got fired but we survived and together we make a winning team. In addition my thanks go to all my other Social Media friends. I am not the only one to have suffered loss this year many of my online friends have also and my thoughts are with you all.

I also celebrated my 60th birthday and the messages, cards, presents, parties and everything else that went with it was absolutely amazing so a big thank you goes to my family and friends. I also ticked another item off my bucket list with a helicopter ride over the Derbyshire Dams, an awesome experience that I will never forget. Thank you to my wonderful children for that I love you all to the moon and back.

So I move on to 2019 with more hopes and dreams there will be plenty more Blog Tours and parties and we also welcome our new puppy into our little family. Mauri (named after Dad whose name was Maurice) will be coming home on 14th January to join Sheba.

So my end of year message is: you have to experience the bad times to really appreciate the good ones. I hope 2019 brings you all happiness and love. xx

Picks of 2018

It is usual for Bloggers to post their pick of the books they have read in 2018 and usually I do this too. This year I have read 100 books and some I have loved some not so much but I tend not to read books if I am not getting on with them so by default I like all 100 of the books I read this year.

Off the top of my head I reckon I really loved about 25% loved another 25% and liked/loved the rest so my picks of 2018 are all the books on the link below. Some I liked and others loved some I loved and others liked but what each and every one of these books have in common is the amount of blood, sweat and tears that have gone in to them. Each book is months of work, research, brainstorming putting it all together, rewriting and when they get to The End and submit it then the work really starts as the edits come in and titles and book covers have to be chosen. It is a long road with hours and hours of work.

So instead of reading my picks of 2018 have a look through these 100 books and spare a thought for the part of the author that has gone into them because with each book they give a little of themselves and with each book they give us readers hours of enjoyment.

My Goodreads Year in Books 2018

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