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Black Books Blog

All through the book there is a lot of action and stuff going on, which keeps the story flowing nicely and kept me hooked and wanting to read the next chapter each time I got to the end of one. Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews

As all of this author’s books, this one is action packed with suspense that just doesn’t let up. The characters are memorable. I especially liked to see a blend of Drake’s personal and professional life. He and his team relate well to each other. Read more here

Ginger Book Geek

‘Nowhere To Hide’ is superbly written but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from the hugely talented Stephen Puleston.  He certainly knows how to grab your attention from the start and once he has that attention, he keeps it throughout the story.  The story was gripping and at times I was on the edge of my seat.  Read more here

Joanna Larum’s Reviews

This is a fast-moving story with very accurate police procedure and wonderful descriptions of the Welsh countryside where the story is set. The whole series gets better with every book. Read more here

Debbie Hipster

I like the thriller aspect of it, and I enjoyed reading it and learning new things too along the way. Definitely looking out for this author for more. Read more here

The Word is Out

Great story telling with well rounded characters and a very current plotline that will keep the reader hooked right up the last page. Highly recommended. 5* Read more here

Donna’s Book Blog

I thought that the storyline was excellent, it was well planned out and I loved the suspense the author built up with the story right through to the end, the writing style and flow of the story was spot on. Read more here

Sharon Rimmelzwaan

The story is full of suspense and intrigue and a very readable story. Read more here

Robin Loves Reading

What a fast-moving novel. It is full of intrigue and danger. Even though this Nowhere to Hide is the 7th book in a series that I hadn’t read before, I was able to see a bit of Drake becoming a changed man due to being in a relationship. This no doubt has had a powerful impact on his team. I enjoyed this book and do look forward to continuing this series in the future. Read more here

Nowhere to Hide coverNowhere to Hide (Inspector Drake #7) by Stephen Puleston

Available from AMAZON

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A murdered mother… A failing police force…A detective looking for justice.

When drug addict Dawn Piper is found dead in her own home, her neighbours are far from surprised. Dawn’s habit led her to mix with some dangerous people. But this quiet mother of one was small fry …would anyone want Dawn dead?

Inspector Drake knows there is more to Dawn’s murder than a simple drug deal gone wrong. As he digs deeper, he discovers that Dawn hoped to clean up the streets of her community that are being overrun by drugs and the dangerous County Lines gangs that sell them. And it cost her her life. Have the police force failed the community they serve?

Drake is used to the murky world of organised crime groups. He knows the dirty games they play to evade arrest. But in his toughest case to date Drake is determined to make the guilty pay.

This time, they will have nowhere to hide”

My Review

Inspector Drake is back and this time he is out to obtain justice for the people society has let down.

The body of a young woman is found in her home but that is not where she was killed.  Drake and his team have the difficult task of finding out why she was murdered and who killed her.  As an ex addict (or is she) she has mixed with the underworld of drugs and violence but even so a life has been lost and a young boy motherless so Drake is determined to get answers.  2 other girls go missing while in the care of the state.  Are the 2 cases linked or separate?  Either way Drake will see justice is done.

Drake has struggled with life.  He has serious OCD and has worked to keep it under control but it cost him his marriage.  But now he has Annie and in addition to a very demanding job he is working hard to make the relationship work.  He also has to cope with upcoming changes at work as the superior officer he has developed an effective relationship with moves on Drake has to start again with somebody new.

As the team dive in to the investigation Drake finds that someone is out to scare him off.  As the people who he cares about are put at risk can he unravel the clues before someone gets seriously hurt?

This is a steady paced mystery that gets into the nitty gritty of detective work.  We follow the team in looking for clues where there are very few and round many twists and turns making it a very engaging read that is perfect for police procedural fans.

Author photo pngBiography

I write crime fiction based in Wales and about Wales. The rural landscape of north Wales provides the backdrop to the Inspector Drake novels. And Cardiff the capital of Wales provides the setting for the Inspector Marco novels set in a modern urban environment.

I love the novels of Raymond Chandler, Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham, Henning Mankell, Val McDermid – the list could go on! And I enjoy watching detective series on the television the recent Hinterland series based near Aberystwyth in Wales was great. One of my favourites is the French series Spiral but The Bridge and Broadchurch and the Rebus series with Ken Stott and Kenneth Branagh in Wallander are great too.

I have been on writing courses at the Welsh Writers Centre in Llanystymdwy, North Wales tutored by Matt Whyman and Marcus Sedgwick as well as crime writing courses with Peter Robinson and Andrew Taylor at the Scottish Writers centre.

I was born in Anglesey an island off the north Wales coast and after leaving school in Holyhead I went to University in London before training as a solicitor/lawyer. I practised in a small family business doing criminal work in the magistrates and crown courts, divorce and family work.

I still live on Anglesey, North Wales near the beach and the mountains of Snowdonia



Twitter: @stephenpuleston

OUT OF THE FIRE AND INTO THE PAN by Shannon O’Leary (sequel to The Blood on my Hands) #bookreview #autobiography #TrueCrime

Out of the Fire and into the Pan: Sequel to the Blood on my HandsOut of the Fire and into the Pan: Sequel to the Blood on my Hands

by Shannon O’Leary

Available from Amazon

Shannon O’Leary (a pseudonym) is a prolific writer and performer. Her first book The Blood on My Hands told the story of her traumatic and violent childhood in the 1960s and 70s Australia. This sequel, Out of the Fire and into the Pan, explains to the reader how she progressed into the adult world while coming to terms with her terrifying past. It is a story of personal growth and of how O’Leary navigates her transition into adulthood, while seeking out the social norms and finding her place in the world. Out of the Fire and into the Pan takes the reader on a personal journey where Shannon questions herself, her past, her choice of relationships and her place in the world. It is a story of resilience, accomplishment and personal triumph.

Readers will quickly become engrossed as they follow the author’s life after the tragic circumstances forced upon her asa child and on to the life she made for herself as a survivor.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the sequel to The Blood on my Hands and is a true story told by the author.

In book 1 we followed Shannon through a traumatic childhood filled with horrendous abuse at the hands of an evil father with a severe personality disorder. The strong bond with her mother is what kept the pair of them struggling on.

Shannon is 15 at the start of this book and has returned to Sydney to pick up the pieces of her life. Her father still continues to torment her but she is determined to have a life.

Shannon goes from one bad relationship to another before meeting David. Life starts to settle down and their family grows. Both are involved in the entertainment industry and set up their own company. However David turns to drugs and she finds herself once again living in fear with an unpredictable man prone to erratic behaviour. Like her mother before her Shannon is tied by her chiildren and struggles on.

This is another very difficult read and I am in awe of Shannon and her strength as she manages to survive and keep her children safe.

Another very eye opening read.

Thank you to Book Publicity Services and the author for the digital copy of this book. This is my unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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TORMENT by Mark Tilbury #newrelease #crimefiction #psychologicalthriller #bookreview @MTilburyAuthor

Happy publication day to the brilliant Mark Tilbury.  Today TORMENT is released and you can buy this gripping Psychological Thriller for just 99p/99c.  

TormentTorment by Mark Tilbury

Available from Amazon UK  US AU CA

Who can you really trust?

Beth couldn’t be happier. She is eight weeks pregnant and married to the man of her dreams. But after returning home from a celebratory meal, she finds a wreath from her sister’s grave hanging above the bed and a kitchen knife embedded in her pillow. There are no signs of a forced entry. Nothing is stolen. And no one other than the cleaner has a key to the house.

Then a campaign of terror begins. Beth becomes increasingly paranoid as it becomes clear that someone close to the family is behind these disturbing events.

But who would want Beth dead?

Does the past hold the clue?

And can Beth find the answer before it’s too late?

Torment is a story of misplaced loyalty, revenge and sacrifice.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bethany is happily married to David and after 3 miscarriages they are crossing everything that this time the pregnancy will go to term and they will have the baby they want so much. They have a beautiful house and no money worries so the baby will make their lives complete.

While Beth is cocooned in her bubble of happiness she finds out her friend, Kim, is in an abusive relationship. Determined to help Kim out of a bad situation Beth invites her into her home. Then strange things start happening and Beth’s life starts unravelling.

Why is the death of Heidi coming back to haunt Beth after all these years? Who could possibly want to cause her harm?

This is a well written psychological thriller full of twists and turns as the we try to unravel the clues. There seems to be no clues and nothing that anyone can do to save Beth from the psychopath who wants to destroy her but who is it and why.

A very gripping story that kept the pages turning all the way to the fast paced climatic ending.

A brilliant read.

Thank you very much to Mark Tilbury for the advance copy of this first class thriller. This is my unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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