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Happy publication day to Daisy White. Today THE FORGOTTEN CHILD is released and you all have the opportunity to read a brilliant gripping page-turner. Read on to find out more about the book and read my thoughts.

Eleven years ago, Holly’s brother disappeared and his girlfriend was killed.

The Forgotten Child

by D. E. White

Available from AMAZON

Holly has tried her best to forget the traumatic events of her past, turning her back on her crime boss father and making a new life for herself and her son away from the notorious Seaview Estate. But when she’s involved in a car accident and regains consciousness to find a strange child on the backseat, she’s drawn back into everything she’s been trying to escape from.
Who is the child and where did he come from?
Already struggling to deal with her volatile ex-husband, Holly now finds herself haunted by long-buried secrets too. She has spent years trying to get away from the estate, but someone will stop at nothing to get her to return.
As events that began eleven years ago come to a head, Holly is forced once again to fight for her life… and her son’s.

My Review

Wow this book really starts with an adrenaline pumping introduction. As Holly is driving in the night she is being bombarded with hateful texts and is being tailgated by a van on a dark lonely road.  The inevitable crash knocks her out for a while and when she wakes up there is a strange child in the car with her son.  Where did this child come from?  How and why is he unconscious in her car?

The mysteries continue to add up as secrets from the past come back to haunt not only Holly but her friends and family.

The characters develop well over the course of the book and I loved getting to know Holly and the other characters.  I like how the story and the histories of each character meshed perfectly with the story making this a riveting read that I couldn’t put down.

The story itself is intriguing it had me hooked from the beginning and there are numerous twists and turns throughout to keep the reader’s interest.  I thought I had worked it out several times but then the story twisted again and I had to rethink.

A brilliant book with a lot going on all the way through I loved it.  5 stars from me.

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