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Today I am absolutely thrilled to not only be kicking off the Blog Tour for this brilliant debut thriller but also to welcome CAROLINE BALE to JOFFE BOOKS.  We are always very excited to be able to introduce a new author and we hope to be seeing a lot more from Caroline in the future.  Now I am sure you all want to get to know Caroline, I am therefore kicking off with an author interview which I hope will answer some of your questions.  If you have any more why not pop along to the Facebook Launch Party and chat with her?  Just click on the picture.

Author Interview with Caroline Bale

Hello Caroline, thank you for joining me today. Welcome to Joffe Books and the wonderful world of Crime Fiction. I am sure everyone is keen to know more about you and your writing so hopefully we will be able to answer some of their questions.


I Will Make You Pay is your debut thriller. What made you want to write?

Like so many people I have always been drawn to the idea of writing a book. I grew up on Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton and lost myself for endless hours in those stories. I love the idea that someone might get happily absorbed in a plot I’ve written or might find an escape imagining the characters in a world created by me. That gives me great satisfaction. There is also something so interesting in developing the characters in a novel. I get to inhabit the mind of each of my characters, even the psychopaths and I find that quite thrilling.


Although this is your first published book have you written anything before?

About ten years ago I wrote 30,000 words of a historical fiction novel set in Victorian London. I am a research junkie and I must have spent a thousand contented hours googling Victorian social history for that book. Ultimately I gave up but I learned a lot about writing and about the dangers of spending too much time researching! I really have to watch my tendency to disappear into google. About three years ago I took up writing again. I joined a writing class with a great teacher. Out of this a group of us formed a writer’s collective. Last year we self published a number of short stories with a crime theme – we called the book “Sins”.


How long did it take you to write this book?

Honestly, I was writing and re-writing the first few chapters, about 10,000, for about two years. I spent a lot of time indulging in my research addiction and not enough time in writing. Someone in the writing group suggested we all enter the Irish Writer’s Centre Novel Fair competition and in a spirit of camaraderie I sent off the 10,000 words I had written and re-written over the previous two years. Incredibly two of us were selected as finalists but in order to qualify for the prize of meeting tons of agents and publishers, we had to supply a novel of 50,000 words within nine days. My friend Martin had already completed his novel but I had 40,000 words to write. I took a week off work, wrote day and night without editing and got to the magic 50,000. The experience nearly killed me but I learned so much which can be summed up by – “For God’s sake stop editing the same thirty pages and just write the rest of the novel.”. After the Novel Fair I spent a few months editing and sent it off to a number of publishers. I got lots of rejections and two offers. I went with the wonderful Jasper Joffe and am delighted I did.


I know this is set in York, what made you choose that setting?

My partner was going back and forth on business from Dublin, where we live, to York and I would travel with him when family and work allowed. I fell in love with the city, the sense of history at every turn, the sheer beauty and magnificence of it. I thought it the perfect place to set a crime novel. The surrounding countryside is beautiful but also wild and brooding. I was taken with the character of the people. Yorkshire people can be refreshingly direct and opinionated. The place is full of strong willed and sometimes stubborn characters – manna from heaven for a crime writer.


Where did you get the idea and information for I Will Make You Pay?

I am a psychotherapist by day and in my work I have the privilege of exploring with my clients the sometimes extraordinary events in their histories or present lives. Nothing in the plot is directly taken from my clients’ stories, I would never do that. However, often what I hear in my work prompts me to imagine what would happen if that situation was taken to a further extreme? As human beings we probably all have events in our lives which provoke feelings of wanting revenge, if only briefly. In “I will make you pay” I got into the head of a person who decides to act out that urge to make someone pay.


What do you plan to write next? Will we meet Ellen McClure in future books?

I am working on Book 2 in the Ellen McClure series and I have plans for more books in the series in the future.


What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I sit for hours in my job as a psychotherapist and I sit for hours when writing so I like to counter that by being physically active for a few hours a day. I can’t stand the gym and I have never been sporty. But I do like to get out with my partner and my dogs, go up onto Killiney Hill or for a walk on the beach. We are so lucky where we live in Dublin that we have both on the doorstep. We always end up having a coffee (and a cake) and a chat with other dog owners. Apart from that I most enjoy spending time with my adult kids and a few friends. It’s important to me to keep my life balanced. I have to remind myself that when I’m on my death bed I won’t be thinking “I should have spent more time writing”. Oh, and I also enjoy a few beers with our wonderful friends in Finnegans, my local pub in Dalkey.


What advice do you have for any of our readers who are thinking about writing a novel?

I was at a great talk in the Dalkey Book Festival and David Putnam the film producer was talking about creativity. In his opinion, creativity for most of us is more about resilience than talent or knowledge. That resonated hugely with my experience. There is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet about how to write a novel and I learned so much from that. I learned a lot too from my writing class. But ultimately you have to start putting it all together and you may find that it doesn’t work out as you want it to. That’s when resilience comes in. So I would say, keep going and decide to learn something from every failure.

Also, writing can be a lonely pursuit. What helped me with that was joining a writing class and out of that a number of us formed a writer’s group which meets every few weeks. We called ourselves the three percenters because only three per cent of people who start writing a novel ever finish it. We were determined as a group to help each member reach their goal and most of us have gotten there, the others are well on their way. A group can foster resilience in the face of failure, can keep you writing when you feel like giving up. There’s a sense of common understanding, we all share the agonies and we also share the joys. Most of all, we have fun.

I WILL MAKE YOU PAY by Caroline Bale

Available from AMAZON


Meet Detective Ellen McClure as she takes on a vicious killer who loves playing games.

He is watching Connie Taylor in the café. He has befriended the waitress over the previous months and gained her confidence. Her coarseness disgusts him and he muses to himself about pouring acid on her face. He is going to torture Connie that evening to get the final information he needs and then he will kill her.

Connie Taylor’s head is found on the doorstep of a house in upmarket Heworth Green in York.

DI Ellen McClure finds herself embroiled in a complicated murder investigation that pits her against colleagues and family. Her boss thinks that ex-prostitute Connie was killed by one of her former clients, but Ellen thinks there is more to it.

Vicky is on the run with her five-year-old daughter, Kallie. Her life is in danger.


Desperate to save Vicky, Ellen drags her own young daughter Zoe into the path of a deadly psychopath who will stop at nothing on his murderous rampage.


An absolutely gripping mystery with a massive twist. Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Damien Boyd, Rachel Abbott, Patricia Gibney or Mark Billingham.

DI Ellen McClure is a 38-year-old detective with an outstanding record who will stop at nothing to protect the innocent. She has recently left her cheating husband, Anthony, and is making a new start for her and her 13 year old daughter Zoe in York, the city she grew up in. She is arriving at her new posting on the North Yorkshire Serious Crimes Team under a cloud having given evidence against a superior in her previous posting. Her tenacious approach and confrontational style often work against her, pitting her against colleagues and family. In contrast, her DC, Sarika Kaur is an empathic, thoughtful officer, who tries, often without success, to be the voice of reason.

York has been occupied by everyone from the Romans to the Vikings which shows in the city’s cobblestone streets, half timbered houses and 18th-century flat-fronted townhouses. Diagon Alley where Harry Potter buys his wand was inspired by the Shambles, a medieval butcher’s street visited by the film’s set designers and which is now thronged with tourists. Six hundred years ago, bloody hunks of meat hung on shopfronts, dripping into the gutter that still runs along the middle of the lane. Then, of course, there is the magnificent York Minster, Europe’s largest gothic cathedral which looms over a warren of streets running down to the River Ouse with its many colourful barges and tour boats. The river cuts the city in two and flows eastwards into majestic countryside and onwards towards the North Sea.

The Author
Caroline Bale is a practicing psychotherapist who draws on her work to create believable plots and complex characters. She believes the draw in books like hers is that they allow us to address our worst fears from the safety of our own bedrooms. The heart-pounding terror of walking down a deserted street alone at night or the inability to go to sleep until a beloved teenager has finally arrived home. She is interested in what motivates a person to torture or kill another human being, what psychotherapists call the shadow side of human nature. Her books are full of complex, often charming characters with personality disorders and disturbed histories. The psychopaths amongst us with the killer smiles.

BLOG TOUR – Author Interview with Chris Clement-Green, author of SHE WILL RESCUE YOU. #crimefiction #detective #netgalley #authorinterview @joffebooks

Today I am very excited to have the opportunity to chat with a new author to JOFFE BOOKS PUBLISHING.  Chris Clement-Green is the author of SHE WILL RESCUE YOU which is a brilliant read I couldnt put down.  

Hello Chris, welcome to Joffe Books.  Congratulations on a brilliant book I am sure it will do well.

Could you please tell us a little about yourself and your writing?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, I remember writing a long story about a white horse when I was eleven and calling it ‘my first book’, but after school life took over and the only writing I did was in the form of police reports!

I left the police in 2000 to pursue a new career as a competitive dressage rider, before changing tack once again and starting university as ‘a mature student’ where studied drama. It was at Lincoln University that I joined my first writing group and they encouraged me to enter my first writing competition – the 2007 NAWG prize. You can imagine my utter surprise when I won the short story/monologue class with ‘Pebbles’ – an internal monologue involving a woman committing suicide on a deserted beach. This win encouraged me to undertake the Open University Creative Writing and Advanced Creative Writing programmes, which was followed in 2013 by an MA at Bath Spa University.

I was the only student to undertake a life-writing manuscript on that course, completing a memoir about my first ten years in Thames Valley Police. At the launch of the MA Anthology in London, I was told by many publishers and agents that although they liked my writing, there was no market for non-celebrity memoirs. Fortunately Mirror Books did not agree and when I answered an open submission call by them in 2017, they signed up my MA manuscript ‘Into the Valley’ within 24hrs!


What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

I have always been fortunate that during my MA year and while writing ‘She Will Rescue You’, my debut novel, I was free to write whenever I wanted to, with no other people or commitments to work around. During these times I used to write in bed from 7-10am before walking my dogs, and then return to writing at the kitchen table for as long as I wanted. When in the zone I can write for 6 hrs straight without even a cup of tea, but on other days I don’t even open my laptop, but spend the time walking and thinking. I’ve never suffered from writer’s block, but with the exception of completion entries I’ve never had to meet deadlines either!


What gave you the idea for She Will Rescue you?

The idea for ‘She Will Rescue You’ came from a police incident recorded in my memoir about catching two badger baiters red handed. They had made the mistake of parking their car on land belonging to royalty. When they returned to their vehicle with a live badger, armed protection officers were waiting for them.  I remember thinking as I arrested these men that I would like to do more than arrest them, I would like to give them a piece of their own medicine, and Ellie was born right then and there. I also recreate this incident in the novel, where the baiters do indeed get far more than a court appearance.


Is animal rescue something that is very close to your heart?

I love animals more than most humans, always have and always will. I worked closely with RSPCA on one or two police cases, and they are the sole beneficiaries of my will.


What do you have planned next for your readers?

I am currently working on another fictionalisation of a real event recorded in ‘Into the Valley’, where a black youth saved my life during a race riot in Oxford. ‘Rage Hard’ is set in Thatcher’s Britain and looks at all the ‘isms’ at play in the police force at that time, creating a Romeo and Juliet scenario between a white WPC and a black youth with a criminal record. I suppose it’s another police procedural with another very unlikely partnership.

Thank you for talking with us today.  Good luck with the new release and we look forward to more great books in the future.

SHE WILL RESCUE YOU by Chris Clement-Green

Available from AMAZON


Dr Mia Langley is a criminal forensic psychologist working for the National Crime Agency. Elegant, intelligent, and ambitious but lonely. She works among society’s darkest minds in perpetrator profiling.

A man is murdered in a Norfolk turkey shed. Just another violent incident or something more?

Ellie Grant is a lonely young woman. She works for minimum wage at an animal shelter and nurses a simmering hatred for all those who abuse animals.

When she “finds” a winning lottery ticket, she face a terrible choice: use the money for what she believes in or give the ticket back to its rightful owner.


And both women fall in love with the same man.


Discover a race-against-time thriller which will have you gripped from the first page to the last.

Chris(tine) Clement-Green retired from Thames Valley Police after sixteen years as a uniform sergeant followed by five as a civilian investigator on serious and organised crime teams in Humberside and Wiltshire – which included working on several murder incident rooms and national drug operations. She is the author of the memoir, “Into the Valley.”

Link to my book review blog


Chris Clement-Green Author Bio

I retired from Thames Valley Police after sixteen years as a uniform sergeant followed by five as a civilian investigator on serious and organised crime teams in Humberside and Wiltshire – which included working on several murder incident rooms.

My serious writing started in 2007 when I entered the National Association of Writer’s Groups annual short story competition. It was my first competition so I was astonished to win with Pebbles. This win encouraged me to undertake the Open University Creative Writing and Advanced Creative Writing courses, which I completed with distinction. In 2013 I was accepted onto the prestigious Bath Spa University Creative Writing MA, where I completed a humorous but gritty life-writing manuscript Into the Valley which was subsequently published by Mirror Books in 2017.

I have had several articles and letters published in national UK magazines, most notably Writing Magazine, and in September 2016 I was published in The New Guard Volume V a literary journal based in New York. I have also been short listed in the Literature Works First Page Writing Prize and in several Writing Magazine competitions. In 2016 my fantasy short story, Layla, was published in Divinity Fantasia Magazine and I won the Oriel Davis Prose Competition with Cosmic Tiger and was also a finalist in the Women in Comedy Festival with my monologue Queenie. This year my article Food for Thought was runner up in the Scribble annual article completion, and I co-wrote a piece on the subject of Mentoring with James McCreet which was published on the 6th September 2018.

My recently completed debut novel She Will Rescue You is being published on the 30th May 2019 by Joffe Books and I am currently working on a new crime novel – Rage Hard which is another police procedural set in Oxford revolving around a white WPC and black criminal during the race riots of Thatcher’s Britain.

I also run tutored and untutored writing retreats from my home in mid Wales –

Author Interview with Helen H Durrant @hhdurrant @joffebooks #crimefiction #detective #TeamJoffebooks

Today on my author interview blog I have the pleasure of chatting with the brilliant Helen H Durrant.  I hope you enjoy reading

Hello Helen, thank you for joining me today. I feel as though I have known you for many years rather than just the few years I have been working with Joffe Books so I am very pleased to have the opportunity to chat with you.

1. How old were you when you decided you wanted to write books?

I was in my thirties – but back then I’d no idea what I wanted to write about! It was the ‘one day’
ambition that a lot of people have. I didn’t start properly until I was considerably older – once I’d
retired! Once I did start – I couldn’t stop – still can’t.

2. Do you only write Crime Fiction or have you written other genres at any time?

Nothing else – just crime, and don’t ask me why! As far as I’m aware we have no villains in the
family. But I take note of local news, local community groups on social media and am aware of what
goes on. I do like to keep the crimes topical. Sometimes it is a story in a local paper that sparks an

3. Another release today to the Calladine and Bayliss series: Dead Guilty. Book 9 and still going strong. But this is just one of 4 series’ you have running. How do you decide which book to write next?

It’s down to which character I fancy writing about next. There’s no process. After ‘Next Victim’ – the first Rachel King book, it was always going to be another Calladine & Bayliss. Currently I’m working on Rachel King 2. I like her, so there will be more.

4. Your newest series, the Rachel King series, is set in Manchester with a female senior detective which differs from your other 3 series. Can you tell us how that came about?

Up to now the main character in my books have always been male. I’ve no idea how that cameabout. You’d imagine it would be easier for a female writer to write female heroines! I thought a lot
about Rachel, and she’s had many names over the weeks, but I always had an image in my mind of
what she looks like and how she behaves. Her family life is a hotchpotch of what my two daughters
tell me about living with teens – I’m so old, I’ve forgotten!

5. What other treats do you have in store for your fans in the near future?

Rachel King book 2 is in progress and there will be at least books 3 and 4 after that. More Calladine
& Bayliss – I’m very fond of them. I’m not sure about Greco and Brindle – it depends on what the
readers say. I haven’t got another character playing in my mind just yet, but we’ll see.

6. More than three quarters of a million books sold, that is an awesome achievement  especially in such a highly competitive genre as Crime Fiction. I know a lot of authors  struggle and many give up. Has there ever been a time when you doubted yourself?

I doubt my ability to write anything folk would want to read all the time. With most of my books I get
halfway through and want to throw my laptop through the window, convinced it’s all rubbish. Too
complex, too far-fetched – you name it, I fret about it. But the readers are so nice, they make such
lovely comments and that helps convince me that it must be okay.

7. I do know you have a very supportive family do you think their support has helped you on
your writing journey?

They are a help. I have a senior nurse and a paramedic – to answer some of my questions, particular
any drug related one. They tell me stories that feed in to some of the plots – not saying which ones!
My husband knows when to get out of the way, and is happy to accompany me on research jaunts.
He is also a good sounding board. The teens in my family keep me up to date with life in their world.
They all have their place in the scheme of things. For ‘Dead Guilty’ my husband was really useful
when it came to information about welding!

Thank you for talking with me today, Helen, and good luck with the new release. Helen’s contact  details are below and you are more than welcome to join us for the Facebook Launch Party on  Tuesday the link for that is also below.

Link to Facebook Launch Party

Helen Durrant’s contact details:

Twitter @hhdurrant


Facebook Page


AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Stewart Giles #detective #CrimeFiction #AuthorInterview @stewartgiles

Today, on my weekly Author Interview Blog I have the pleasure of chatting with Stewart Giles.  Stewart is the author of 3 brilliant Detective series’: DS Smith, DC Harriet Taylor & the Smith & Taylor series.  Plus an awesome stand-alone psychological thriller: Miranda (that isnt actually stand-alone).  He has also self-published some books and others were published by Joffe Books.  I am sure you are all wanting to hear what he has to say so….

Hello Stewart, thank you for joining me today.

Yesterday you launched TROTTERDOWN a box set of the first three Detective Harriet Taylor books. Can you tell us a little about how you came to write a second detective series and why you decided to release these as a box set?

I’d written eight books in one series and an agent was interested in the ninth. When she eventually told me she’d have to pass, as a ninth book in a series was unlikely to appeal to a publisher, I thought ‘bugger this – I’m writing a new series.’ And that’s where The Beekeeper came from. After The Perfect Murder and The Backpacker I thought now was a good time to put all of them together as a box set, and Trotterdown seemed like a great title.

The Beekeeper was my first professional promotion and I am sure I was jumping up and down as much as you were when it hit the number 1 bestseller spot on Amazon Australia. Although you have published 2 books through Joffe Books you mainly self-publish your books. Can you explain the advantages of self-publishing for any authors out there who think getting a book accepted by a publisher is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

That’s a great question. That was a moment I can only describe as surreal. I didn’t think it was possible. I’d self-published for three years when I was approached by Jasper from Joffe Books. Fortunately, I’d finished The Beekeeper at the time and they published it. If I’m to be brutally honest, I much prefer the self-publishing route. Having a publisher is great – they have the knowledge to be able to get your books out to a much wider audience, but I much prefer being in control of every aspect of the publishing process and that’s why self-publishing suits me down to the ground. I have an amazing editor/agent/publicist and all round awesome human being, who keeps me grounded and never misses a typo or timeline error, and I would recommend any aspiring self-publishing writer to get some help like that. It is priceless.

You recently released ENIGMA which brought together your Smith and Harriet Taylor series into book one of a new series. Can you tell us a little about where that idea came from and the problems that arise from writing 3 series’?

After the third or fourth book in a series, I find it gets a lot easier – the characters have their own traits and they tend to write themselves after a while, so I wanted more of a challenge. A few of my writer friends have different series and they introduce protagonists of other series into the plot in cameo roles. The above mentioned editor/agent etc mentioned this and I decided to go one step further and have a collaboration of my two main protagonists. Smith and Harriet are both very strong characters who couldn’t be more different from one another, but they worked well together in a book.

I have to ask about MIRANDA. I mean 3 series on the go and you decide to branch out and write a completely different stand-alone psychological thriller!! Where did that idea come from? Also, I heard a rumour it isn’t actually stand-alone you have been ‘persuaded’ to write a sequel can you tell us more about that too?

Miranda was another way of challenging myself. Besides the fact it was designed to be a standalone, I wanted to experiment with intermingling 1st and 3rd person and still trying to keep the flow going. I loved writing Miranda. After five years of series, it was a kind of break from the norm. And it’s probably the first book I’ve ever written that totally engulfed me and drained me. In a very good way, I have to add. As for the sequel, that’s my own fault. I’ve been informed by just about everybody who has read it that the ending begs for another instalment.

So, what do you have planned to keep your readers’ adrenaline pumping? I know you can write a book in weeks rather than months’, so we are always awaiting news of the next book.

Dropzone, the next Smith/Harriet book is halfway done, so that should be out early June, then it’s Venom which is a new Smith thriller. I’ve already started that and, all being well it will be out around September time. I’ve also got an idea for the abovementioned Miranda sequel, and the follow-up to Venom is also spinning around in my head.

I know you are a man of many talents and while you are feeding our appetite for adrenaline pumping thrillers you get your kicks from jumping out of aeroplanes and racing Yachts in stormy seas. Can you tell us more about the man behind the author and how your hobbies influence your writing?

I’m fortunate enough to live in a peaceful village in South Africa with short winters and long, hot summers. I’m also a stones through from a huge expanse of water and a skydiving drop zone, which I take full advantage of. At weekends, if I’m not flying over the Vaal Dam I’m sailing on it. Both are equally inspirational – skydiving frees you mind of everything, and sailing has a unique calming effect. When I’m on the ground I like to play one of my 40-odd electric guitars. I once read something about writing what you know, and this is spot on. Smith plays guitar and Harriet sails. I reckon every book you write is semi-autobiographical – even in a subconscious sense. You can’t help it. I have 3 dogs – I love dogs, and Smith is the same. Smith drinks a lot of beer. Say no more.

Thank you very much for joining us today and we all wish you luck with your writing career.

Thank you so much for the questions. Thoroughly enjoyed this. And I’m not done with writing for a very long time yet.

Read on for information on Stewart Giles’ books:

DS Jason Smith Series

Phobia: 5 early DS Smith cases    Buy from Amazon

Phobia is a series of five DS Jason Smith cases he worked on before we met him in the first book ‘Smith’. We get insights into what moulded him to be the Detective Sergeant we first get a glimpse of in ‘Smith’. Smith quickly realizes that police work isn’t always cut and dried. Justice is not always black and white; there are many shades of grey in between.

Smith (DS Smith Book 1)   Buy from Amazon

It is Christmas Day in York. A woman is found dead in her bed. A suicide note is found on her chest. It reads ‘I am so sorry Martin’. Hours later the police are called to a house a few miles away. A mother and her daughter have been brutally attacked; the mother is dead, and the daughter is barely alive. The father is found shaking uncontrollably in the corner of the room. He is covered in blood, but he is unharmed. His name is Martin Willow.

Boomerang (DS Smith Book 2)   Buy from Amazon

A man is killing people in York. Initially the murders appear to be the random acts of a maniac. Detective Jason Smith is put in charge of the investigation. It soon becomes clear that the murders are all connected to him in one way or another. All the killings correspond to events in Smith’s life and the murderer leaves dates at the crime scene which tie up to important dates in Smith’s history.

Ladybird (DS Smith Book 3)   Buy from Amazon

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith is days away from the end of his sick leave after a case that almost cost him his life when he gets a call from an old friend. His friend has been arrested for the murder of a student. He wants Smith to investigate the murder and prove his innocence. Smith is persuaded return to work. The student was killed with a bread knife. Ladybirds were scattered on his dead body

Occam’s Razor (DS Smith Book 4)   Buy from Amazon

A football player is shot dead in front of a packed crowd of people. DS Jason Smith is put in charge of the investigation. The murder weapon is found in a house across the road from the football ground. It is a rare Russian army issue sniper rifle. As the investigation hits dead end after dead end, two government agents arrive and take over, pushing Smith and his colleagues to the side.

Harlequin (DS Smith Book 5)   Buy from Amazon

The circus comes to town and children start to disappear. Detective Sergeant Jason Smith is persuaded to return to work after three weeks of a marijuana induced haze. Forced to endure the leadership of a new DI, the fulsome Bryony Brownhill, Smith is faced with the most difficult investigation of his colourful career.  When the children who vanished are found murdered in various parts of the city, all clues lead to the circus grounds, but Smith and his team are met with a sinister silence everywhere they turn.

Selene (DS Smith Book 6)   Buy from Amazon

When a man is found tucked up in bed with his throat sliced open two days after Christmas, DS Jason Smith and his team are baffled. It appears he has been drugged, killed and carefully wrapped up in a duvet. The only evidence Smith finds are some strands of hair belonging to a woman. One month later, another man is killed in exactly the same manner but there appears to be no link whatsoever to the two men apart from the fact that they were both single, lonely and middle aged.

Horsemen (DS Smith Book 7)   Buy from Amazon

One draining murder investigation after another has left DS Jason on the brink of losing his sanity and he needs a break. A string of armed robberies at the McDonalds in the city of York are getting in the way. Smith’s DI makes him a deal; if he can get to the bottom of it, he can have two weeks off. Smith figures out who the brains behind the robberies is; the young wife of Jimmy Phoenix, the owner of all the McDonalds franchises in the city.

Unworthy (DS Jason Smith Book 8)   Buy from Amazon

DS Jason Smith is dragged away from paternity leave when a woman is killed with her baby in the next room. When more women with children are brutally murdered, Smith discovers that they all have something in common – they all share a secret. Then he finds out that the mother of his own child is on this list of ‘Unworthy’ women.

DC Harriet Taylor Series

The Beekeeper (DC Harriet Taylor Book 1). Buy from Amazon

Alice Green is a beekeeper in the small Cornish village of Polgarrow. She lives with her pet jackdaw in a beautiful cottage not far from the sea. One evening, Alice finds something strange under the hollyhock bush in her garden. The gruesome discovery will change everyone’s lives. And then Alice’s best friend Milly disappears…

The Perfect Murder (DC Harriet Taylor Book 2)   Buy from Amazon

Two cats are found mutilated in the same town. Detective Harriet Taylor is reluctant to investigate, but then one of their owners is killed a bizarre way that same day.  Harriet and the team step in. The dead woman has four words written on her neck — four very ambiguous words.  Then another body turns up with the same words written on it. Harriet fears the worst — a serial killer is on the loose in the small Cornish town of Trotterdown.

The Backpacker (DC Harriet Taylor Book 3)   Buy from Amazon

A girl’s body is found hidden in a remote spot of a Cornish Farm. The same farm that a young girl ran towards to escape her pursuer many years before.  Who would kill a young backpacker who hurt nobody?  Is there a link between this and a mystery from many years ago?

TROTTERDOWN (DC Harriet Taylor Books 1-3)   Buy from Amazon

Do you like gripping thrillers that are a little different? Meet Detective Harriet Taylor in this gripping series set in Cornwall From #1 best-selling author: Stewart Giles.

Three gripping thrillers in one, great value, box set.

DS Jason Smith & DC Harriet Taylor Series

The Enigma (DS Smith & DC Taylor Book 1)   Buy from Amazon

In Trotterdown, Cornwall a boat, The Enigma washes in to the harbour. The skipper is dead, and Harriet Taylor is brought in to investigate. But 1 dead body is not the only crime the team have to deal with. Meanwhile, further up the coast in Whitby a boat washes up on the rocks just outside the harbour. Everyone on board is dead. Whitby Police are out of their depth, so DS Jason Smith is called in to help. It soon becomes clear the cases are connected and the teams from York and Trotterdown settle down to work with each other.

Stand Alone thrillers

Miranda –a psychological thriller…buy from Amazon

Miranda is a unique read, the best book yet by Stewart Giles. Sentenced to life in a secure hospital for the murder of 12 people Miranda tells her story. In the meantime, the reader is transported back to the time of the murders as we follow DI Keene and her team along the many twists, turns and dead ends as they try to find the murderer of several unrelated victims. This is an edge-of-your-seat, adrenaline pumping read that will have you turning the pages all the way to the totally unexpected ending. Buckle up this is a bumpy ride

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Today, on my blog, I have the pleasure of chatting with Derek Thompson. Derek is the author of the brilliant Thomas Bladen spy series but I know he has a lot more strings to his bow so lets see what we can find out about this great author:

Hello Derek, thank you for joining me today. I had the pleasure of meeting you via my work with Joffe Books when Flashpoint was released. I know this is Book 5 in the Thomas Bladen series and I am working my way through the series as time allows. For readers who haven’t read any of these can you tell us a little about Thomas and your thoughts when you began writing this series?

I’d describe Thomas Bladen as the opposite of James Bond – no fancy gadgets and no fast car (although he does sometimes borrow Miranda’s Mini Cooper!). He’s from a working class background and his Dad was a miner in Yorkshire, where Thomas grew up. Family isn’t his strongpoint, unless it’s Miranda’s family – she was a runaway from London and he moved down south with her and stayed. He works for the UK’s Surveillance Support Unit at “the arse-end of British Intelligence”, to quote his oppo, Karl McNeill. What Thomas lacks in sophistication he makes up for in integrity, resourcefulness and a sense of justice – an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances.

I started the first book expecting to write a detective novel – I’m a big fan of Raymond Chandler’s plotting, characterisation and dialogue. Thomas had other ideas and I quickly realised I was writing about a low-budget spy who gets more than he bargained for when he starts his own investigation after a work incident. As the series has progressed the main characters (and some of the secondary ones) have taken on lives of their own, which makes for some interesting interactions. Thomas’s off-the-books work with Karl, as well as his sideline in solving other people’s problems has enabled me to explore the human side of surveillance, secrets and subterfuge.

Each book can be read as a standalone novel but I recommend starting with Standpoint as it lets the reader see how the relationships that drive the major plot lines across the series developed.
What is the future of this series as you see it? Do you think Thomas has mileage left in him?
Yes, I’d like to think there are more Thomas Bladen stories to tell. I have the beginnings of Book 6, which takes place within weeks of the closing events of Flashpoint, and a clear idea about the major plotlines, when I have the time and space to bring it all together. Like many serial novelists, I’d love to see the characters on-screen. I think television would be the best medium and I have approached a couple of TV producers but so far it’s been the proverbial ‘I’ll get back to you’! I have a much-loved set of Raymond Chandler audio books that accompany me on long journeys and I wonder whether the Spy Chaser series might work as audio books. That’s one for the publisher to consider!

So, Thomas Bladen is the series I know and love but please tell us about your other books and your future plans for your writing career?

Right now, I’m working on a crime novel for Joffe Books with new characters and a different setting. It’s about a London copper who has been exiled to the countryside and investigates a body found in a field. I plan to finish it by the summer and I hope there’s an opportunity to develop the main characters further.

In tandem with writing the new book I’ve been circulating a completed standalone novel, a transatlantic dark comedy set in the 1980s. My pitch is: High Fidelity meets Tell Me on a Sunday, with a soundtrack by Madonna. It’s about a twenty-something who heads off to the US in search of a new life and gets more than he bargained for. I did a lot of research for it when I was younger, although I didn’t know it at the time. I’d like to think that book would make a good film.

I have two more book projects on the back burner. One, superhero club, is a children’s book about bullying, friendship and self-acceptance. It was originally published by US based Musa Publishing, but they folded so I self-published it as an ebook. I want to edit it (it’s written in Mid-Atlantic English), get a new cover designed, and then publish it in ebook and paperback. I am also putting together an anthology of short stories called Into the Void, a mixture of previously published and new tales.

If people would like to read your other work, are all your books available on Amazon?

Pretty much. I think there’s a PDF of comedy sketch scripts that’s out of circulation, but other than that everything is available via my Author Central page:

I always wonder how authors fit writing into their lives, especially when they have other jobs and commitments. Tell us about your day. Do you have a set time for writing? Do you have more than one book on the go at a time or do you prefer to focus on one book?

It can be tricky! Like many people who work in the Creative Industries, I like to keep several irons in the fire because income from any one source can be unpredictable. I write novels, I’m a freelance writer, I work part-time with a project team that supports the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people, and I do a little comedy writing. No two weeks are the same, but I do fantasise about clearing the decks for a month to concentrate solely on my novel-in-progress.

Thank you for your time is there anything else about Derek the person that you think your readers would be interested in knowing?

It’s all in the books!

Thank you for your time today, Derek. If you would like to connect with Derek the links and contact details are below:
Twitter: @DerekWriteLines
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