OUT OF THE FIRE AND INTO THE PAN by Shannon O’Leary (sequel to The Blood on my Hands) #bookreview #autobiography #TrueCrime

Out of the Fire and into the Pan: Sequel to the Blood on my HandsOut of the Fire and into the Pan: Sequel to the Blood on my Hands

by Shannon O’Leary

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Shannon O’Leary (a pseudonym) is a prolific writer and performer. Her first book The Blood on My Hands told the story of her traumatic and violent childhood in the 1960s and 70s Australia. This sequel, Out of the Fire and into the Pan, explains to the reader how she progressed into the adult world while coming to terms with her terrifying past. It is a story of personal growth and of how O’Leary navigates her transition into adulthood, while seeking out the social norms and finding her place in the world. Out of the Fire and into the Pan takes the reader on a personal journey where Shannon questions herself, her past, her choice of relationships and her place in the world. It is a story of resilience, accomplishment and personal triumph.

Readers will quickly become engrossed as they follow the author’s life after the tragic circumstances forced upon her asa child and on to the life she made for herself as a survivor.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the sequel to The Blood on my Hands and is a true story told by the author.

In book 1 we followed Shannon through a traumatic childhood filled with horrendous abuse at the hands of an evil father with a severe personality disorder. The strong bond with her mother is what kept the pair of them struggling on.

Shannon is 15 at the start of this book and has returned to Sydney to pick up the pieces of her life. Her father still continues to torment her but she is determined to have a life.

Shannon goes from one bad relationship to another before meeting David. Life starts to settle down and their family grows. Both are involved in the entertainment industry and set up their own company. However David turns to drugs and she finds herself once again living in fear with an unpredictable man prone to erratic behaviour. Like her mother before her Shannon is tied by her chiildren and struggles on.

This is another very difficult read and I am in awe of Shannon and her strength as she manages to survive and keep her children safe.

Another very eye opening read.

Thank you to Book Publicity Services and the author for the digital copy of this book. This is my unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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THE BLOOD ON MY HANDS by Shannon O’Leary #truecrime #bookreview #autobiography

Today as a change I am reviewing a True Crime non-fiction book. This is an autobiography by Shannon O’Leary set in the Outbacks of Australia in the 1960/70’s. It is not for the faint-hearted it makes for a difficult read in places but this is a true story and for that reason I kept reading. It is a very eye opening story that I am pleased to have had the opportunity to read.

The Blood on My Hands: An AutobiographyThe Blood on My Hands: An Autobiography by Shannon O’Leary

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Set in 1960s and ’70s Australia, “The Blood on My Hands” is the dramatic tale of Shannon O’Leary’s childhood years. O’Leary grew up under the shadow of horrific domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse, and serial murder. Her story is one of courageous resilience in the face of unimaginable horrors.

The responses of those whom O’Leary and her immediate family reach out to for help are almost as disturbing as the crimes of her violent father. Relatives are afraid to bring disgrace to the family’s good name, nuns condemn the child’s objections as disobedience and noncompliance, and laws at the time prevent the police from interfering unless someone is killed.

“The Blood on My Hands” is a heartbreaking-yet riveting-narrative of a childhood spent in pain and terror, betrayed by the people who are supposed to provide safety and understanding, and the strength and courage it takes, not just to survive and escape, but to flourish and thrive.

My Review

This is an autobiography based in the outbacks of Australia and tells the story of the life of Shannon O’Leary.

Shannon had a traumatic life living in poverty with a father who had a severe personality disorder she sees and suffers things that no child should. The main thing that stands out is Shannon’s love for her mother and that is reciprocated in full. The females support each other through thick and thin.

I am not familiar with the Australian culture so in part I found some of the book very hard to accept. However, I think we have to consider the vastness of the Australian Outbacks. How can these things happen and continue to happen while nobody takes any action didn’t sit well with me but this is a true story. A heart-breaking one.

What does come accross very successfully is a person’s determination to survive. The constant hope that one day things will get better. Shannon’s coping mechanisms make for very engaging reading it is eye opening how, even at a young age, she managed to find ways to focus her mind away from what was happening to her.

A very good read that opened my mind to the possibility that if this was going on in Australia 50-60 years ago then maybe it was happening here too – maybe it still is.

Thank you to Book Publicity Services and the author for the digital copy of this book. This is my unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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